2017 Annual Congress Presentation Series Available to Members – #12

August 28, 2018 ICMS Admin News Tags: , ,

Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to post the presentations given at the 2017 Annual Congress. The material is included under the Members Only section.

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Stay tuned as a new presentation is uploaded each week. Here is this weeks presentation:

Title: PANEL – Update on Occulomotor Vestibular, Reaction Time (OVRT) Testing

Speaker: Naomi Deakin, M.B.

Speaker Bio: Dr Deakin completed her undergraduate medical degree at Robinson College, University of Cambridge. She is an Affiliate Member of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons and is a Registered Doctor with the UK Motorsports Association (MSA). Her most recent collaboration is with the University of Miami to explore the use of OVRT technology in IndyCar. Naomi has a strong interest in motorsport and has been part of the Medical Team at Silverstone race circuit, UK since 2012. Most recently, she has been appointed ‘Concussion Fellow’ for TOCA, a UK professional package of six racing series including the British Touring Car Championship and FIA Formula 4.

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