2019 Race Track Safety Program Learning & Knowledge Exchange Program

October 23, 2019 ICMS Admin News


The ICMS Race Track Safety Program is happy to announce the 2019 learning and knowledge exchange program. This year the program will be held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis on Friday December 13th in conjunction with the PRI Trade Show.

Changes for this year’s program includes:

1) Friday will be an all-day hands-on practical session.
2) There will be two SFI certified class offerings to attendees

a) A Fire/Rescue certification
b) An EMS/Medical certification

3) For SFI certification, an online didactic pre-practical session must be completed
4) Non-SFI certified attendees can be part of the hands-on stations
5) All certification students must successfully complete all practical stations
6) Practical stations will be conducted with “Team” emphasis

Similar to last year’s program, items that will remain:

1) Hands-On medical Center practical stations
2) Inside and Outside practical stations
3) Live-Fire training stations
4) Extrication and Driver Extraction from different vehicles
5) Power Tool use on Cars
6) Lunch provided with guest speaker

For those that will be attending or planning to attend the ICMS Annual Congress on Wednesday and Thursday, the afternoon sessions on Thursday will be geared toward on-track responders.

There will be two fees associated with the Friday training day: The ICMS RTSP attendance fee and if desired the SFI certification fee.

Please be prepared for the environmental elements (Indy in December) for the few practical stations that require outdoor presence.

This new program curriculum is planned to be both exciting and worthwhile to all that attend. As in the past, the Race Track Safety Program continues to be a sought after experience to both learn new knowledge and skills, and to practice in a controlled setting. With the added element of an SFI Certification to the program will greatly enhance the student’s outcome.


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