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In accordance with the By-Laws of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences filed with the Secretary of the State of Indiana, the ICMS shall allow the membership thirty days from today’s date to send written notification of a desire to nominate an individual for a position on the Board of Directors of the ICMS.

Nominees should be considered based on their ability to help advance the mission of ICMS, which is to inform the international motorsport community, different scientific and medical disciplines, designers and constructors, and the general public of the latest innovations and advancements in scientific research on human performance and safety in motorsport.

Please send in writing the name of the nominee along with a brief resume/CV (one page) accompanied by the signature of two current members of the ICMS (emails accepted). After the nomination period expires (September 30, 2021), the Nominating Committee will review the nominees and make their selections.

Following this process, an election ballot including a brief biography of each candidate will be sent to each Active Member of the ICMS in good standing (dues paid in full). The membership will have 30 days to return the ballot with his/her selection of three candidates.
Tom Weisenbach, Executive Director & Rob Seal, M.D., Chairman of the Board


The International Council of Motorsport Sciences (ICMS) is an organization of professional persons in the scientific, medical, and educational aspects of the human element in motor sport.



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