Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to post the presentations given at the Annual Congress. The material is included under the Members Only section.

Take advantage of your membership and take a another look at these inspiring and educational presentations; and if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the congress, this is your chance to review the material.

Stay tuned as a new presentation is uploaded each week. Here is this weeks presentation:

Title: Circuit Design and Catch Fencing Updates

Speaker:  Jochen Braunwarth

Speaker Bio:  Mr. Braunwarth is a graduate of the distinguished International School of Management in Germany and is the architect behind the development and global expansion of the Geobrugg motorsport program. As Director of Motorsport he is responsible for the international strategy development and implementation as well as the coordination between the different projects. Jochen’s company has 65 years of experience and a close collaboration with research institutes and universities and is considered a leader in safety solutions. The Geobrugg network has subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and has 350 specialists worldwide in production facilities.

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