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In the high-stakes world of motorsport, safety is paramount. The Race Track Safety Program (RTSP) is dedicated to ensuring that motorsport events are as safe as possible for drivers, teams, and spectators. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and preparedness, RTSP offers two SFI Foundation certified and specialized training programs designed to equip rescue and medical personnel with the skills needed to effectively manage and mitigate on-track incidents. Both programs are supported by leading industry organizations, reflecting the high standards and relevance of the training provided. RTSP is not just about response—it's about the right response when seconds count. Join us in setting new benchmarks in race track safety and care.

Fire Rescue Program

The Fire Rescue Program provides eight stations of hands-on training using state-of-the-art techniques for fire suppression, driver extraction, emergency vehicle maneuvering and more. Participants will gain expertise in using hydraulic and non-hydraulic cutting tools, managing airway obstructions, and executing rapid driver extrication methods. This program is essential for those who face the unique challenges of motorsport emergencies, preparing them to handle high-pressure situations with precision and care.

Click here to view the schedule for a past RTSP - Fire Rescue Program

 Jump Medic Program

The Jump Medic Program complements our safety suite by focusing on immediate medical intervention for racing incidents. Trainees will learn how to safely remove helmets and HANS devices, immobilize the spine, and manage airway and hemorrhage control within the confines of a race car. Practical stations ensure that medics are adept at driver extraction, providing a rapid and skilled response that aligns with the best medical practices in motorsports.

Click here to view the schedule for a past RTSP - Jump Medic Program



The International Council of Motorsport Sciences (ICMS) is an organization of professional persons in the scientific, medical, and educational aspects of the human element in motor sport.


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